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          Serving Marietta and West Cobb

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          Green Landscaping

          1750 Powder Springs Rd., Ste 190, PMB 197

          Marietta, GA 30064

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          Menu of Services


          • Full Landscape Design & Renovation

          • Low-Maintenance Design

          • Environmentally Friendly Design

          • Garden Designs

          • Shrub & Flower Planting

          • Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

          • Outdoor Lighting

          • Water Features

          • Fountains

          • Pools Decking and Gazebos

          • Pinestraw and Mulch Installation

          • Sod Installation

          • Drainage



          • Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

          • Retaining Wall Construction

          • Paver Patios

          • Rock & Stone Design

          • Fireplaces and Fire Pits

          • Pool Decking and Gazebos

          • Waterfalls

          • Drainage